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Texerta Canada, Toronto Ontario

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Why add your business website to this directory?

  • We have millions of potential customers, clients and patients using our directories to find what they are looking for on the Internet!

  • Many Internet users don't go anywhere else looking for the business, service or professional they are searching for as we list the best of the best LOCAL businesses, services and professionals websites right here!

  • In Canadian cities that we currently offer online business directory service in we are the largest business website directories available as we list only businesses, services and professionals that have a website on the Internet. All of our listings link directly to the website of that particular business, service or professional!

  • Our directories are very professional, reliable, fast, easy to understand and easy to use!

  • Thousands of the best LOCAL businesses, services & professionals already listed!

  • Most Internet users are looking for an easier, faster way of finding the LOCAL businesses, services and professionals that are available to them and our directories provide this service to them quickly and without the confusion and frustration that they find elsewhere!

  • Your yearly investment to advertise your business website in this directory is less than a half a cup of coffee a day!

  • Most business owners today realize that if they are looking for more business, more customers, more patients or more clients, the Internet is their only answer. However the question has always been, how do we get more people visiting our website? The answer is to target the people that are looking for your local business, service or profession and that is what this directory does so well and all for less than a half of a cup of coffee a day!

  • The difference between our directories and a regular search engine is that, in our directories, businesses are all listed by categories in the cities where they do business and these businesses are listed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. With a search engine, a business may be on the first page today or this week and be totally gone next week, or tomorrow. Both directories & search engines have their advantages!

  • We do not list adult websites!